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florence / italy


Fashion school Polimoda

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United Kingdom
The Netherlands

February first is the new brand based in Florence, Italy and created by two sisters Daria and Anastasia. February first is their day of birth and since this day they have created a lot of beautiful things together.

Sisters founded «February First» to design romantic womenswear collections based on fairy tales and legends. Fairy tale for them is a cipher, a lost language. Magical elements, and magical garments, symbolise the desire for protection that humans infuse in clothing. Every collection starts with the deep research, girls are mixing patterns and silhouettes of different garments that people have ever considered to be magic. A fencing jacket, a Siberian child robe, a fishskin wedding vest, a traditional nettle dress or a miner’s uniform are some of such items.

For those who haven’t forgotten how to dream

For grown-ups who haven’t lost touch with their childhood

For those who believe that nothing is impossible.

Beauty and the Beast ( 1946 film by Jean Cocteau )

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