15 February 2018 Essay Charting the Next Creative Capital No matter the craft or industry, every creative has—at least for a fleeting moment—had a specific mecca to set their sights on: a place that somehow represents the fulfillment of a dream, a place
23 January 2018 Industry Fashion & Fantasy | Part 13 A Monthly Curated Video Selection by Niccolò Montanari: "For my first 2018 Fashion & Fantasy installment I decided to venture into the realm of dance and movement."
21 December 2017 A Letter From Editor's Letter 2017 As 2017 draws to a close, I write my annual Editor’s Letter from LA’s Laurel Canyon – knowing I will spend my first Christmas away from my snowy Alpine hometown (…instead, waiting for my Visa). This
7 December 2017 Competitions World Of WearableArt™ Awards: Call For Entries The World of WearableArt, known as WOW, is a renowned international design competition in Wellington, New Zealand that attracts hundreds of entries from all over the world. Finalists compete for over
6 December 2017 Essay The Debate on Quality in Fashion The debate in fashion I believe, is not about what’s en vogue and what’s not. Whether you see someone in flaring jeans and you think this is very 70s, or someone wearing pearl embroidered jeans and
20 November 2017 Industry Fashion & Fantasy | Part 11 A Monthly Curated Video Selection by Niccolò Montanari. Over the past few years, fashion film has been developing as a genre and breaking away from its traditional definition of fashion in motion. As
1 November 2017 Industry Sass Brown on Disrupting Education in Dubai A place without the inheritance of outmoded systems, and out of date structures, the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) is the result of vision, commitment and investment from people
24 October 2017 Industry Fashion & Fantasy | Part 10 This month’s curated film selection by Niccolò Montanari is a celebration of horror, dread and terror, an international range of films delving into the supernatural. From fashion films and campaigns
13 September 2017 NJAL Projects Authentic Radicalism | Cities and a Bold Vision for Retail How we consume, communicate, live, work and think is being transformed by technology. NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti convened the brightest thinkers across retail,
3 July 2017 Industry What is Origin Labelling and Why Should You Care? As a designer, do you promote the origin of manufacture of your product? If you’re a savvy consumer
21 June 2017 Essay How Can Emerging Designers Beat the Fashion System? It’s no secret that the fashion industry is currently in a total state of flux. With the explosion
19 May 2017 Designer Focus (Re)Vision Society For (Re)Vision Society, clothing is more than something we wear but an essential platform to
24 May 2017 Essay Fashion Trends’ Impact on Society Defining trends nowadays is not an easy task. Trends are in essence very complex mechanisms that
9 May 2017 Designer Focus About Berlin-based brand ABOUT steals the spotlight with some sobering truths about the fashion industry
7 May 2017 Designer Focus Designer Focus: Paula Knorr German-born, London-based designer Paula Knorr has the world at her feet. Since graduating last
3 May 2017 Designer Focus Manonik Meet Manonik, the New York-based brand radicalising the trajectory of slow fashion with handcrafted
20 April 2017 Designer Focus A Moodboard Moment: Hardeman Dutch designer Hardeman is finally getting a #AMoodboardMoment. Blue jeans might be the most
Yojiro Kake model running in forest wearing lilac dress
10 April 2017 Designer Focus Yojiro Kake Yojiro Kake was born in Hyogo Japan in February 1983. After finishing high school he went to study
13 April 2017 Essay Queering Fashion History Throughout history, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-sexual and queer (LGBTQ) people of all stripes
24 January 2018 Industry FASHIONALLY Collection #11 | Young Stars Shine Bright On Hong Kong Stage The biannual FASHIONALLY showcase champions Hong Kong’s up-and-coming designers. In collaboration with The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, NJAL
15 January 2018 Competitions Open Call for Entries: Fashion My Religion! The 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival During this three-day festival over more than 100 emerging designers and (performing) artists from all over the world get the opportunity to show
12 January 2018 Competitions ANDAM Fashion Award Paris Created in 1989, the annual ANDAM Fashion Awards offers a financial and logistic support to fashion designers chosen after a long and in-depth
18 December 2017 Competitions LVMH Prize 2018: Apply Now Launched in November 2013, the LVMH Prize was created to honour and support young fashion designers around the world. Every year, a young designer
2 November 2017 NJAL Projects HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design | Graduate Highlight NJAL is proud to introduce the 2017 HEAD – Genève (Geneva School of Art and Design) Bachelor and Master graduates. Following the graduate show live-
2 October 2017 Industry Fashion & Fantasy | Part 9 This month’s curated film selection by Niccolò Montanari is an ode to Mexico, its beauty and the creatives behind some of the best fashion films,
20 September 2017 Industry The Zeitgeist of Hong Kong's Emerging Fashion Designers The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) is arguably the most important annual fashion event in the city. No other show offers as much
13 September 2017 Industry Fashionally #10 | Young Stars Shine Bright on Hong Kong Stage The annual FASHIONALLY showcase champions Hong Kong’s up-and-coming designers. In collaboration with The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, NJAL
25 August 2017 NJAL Projects Fashion & Fantasy | Part 8 The next edition of NJAL's Fashion & Fantasy series explores athletics, sports and movement. Established sportswear brands have so far
16 August 2017 Designer Focus D.efect Lithuania-based label D.EFECT looks for the beauty in imperfection and celebrates the defects that make each of us unique. These imperfections