Fashion Films

Short Films, Catwalk Shows, & Behind The Scenes Footage From NJAL Designers
22 April 2011 Pauline Vandongen


A fashion film for Pauline Van Dongen

Stereopsis is an exploration through an alien couture landscape, using echoes and ghosts to leave time in the residue of a digital harp performance. Directed by Champagne Valentine
13 April 2011 Korlekie

Collection Preview

Short fashion film featuring a preview of this LCF Graduates collection.

Korlekie garments worn by Alice F @ Cosmic Models.
Music entitled "The Chairman's Waltz", taken from the Memoirs Of A Geisha soundtrack.
12 April 2011 Johannes Faktotum

Collection Video

A fashion film for Johannes Faktotum, drawing on the Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Collection
5 April 2011 EP ANOUI

EP Anoui

Directed by Andreas Waldschütz
Projections: Optical engineers
Cinematography: Andreas Waldschuetz
Set design: Optical engineers & Andreas Waldschütz
Hair & make up: Patrick Glatthaar
Assistant Excellent: Marlena König
Model: Beata@exit mm ed
22 March 2011 Cardona Bonache

Lesson 4 'Godgets'

A backstage fashion film for Cardona Bonache
Preparations for the parade of the collection Lesson 4 "Godets" Fall / Winter - 2011/2012 by Cardona Bonache.
Filmed and edited by Press Rec
9 March 2011 Partimi


A fashion film for Partimi

Director/Editor: Will Dorrien-Smith
Music: Alberto Mesirca
Model: Sophie @ Union
Photographer: Nicole Maria Winkler
All clothes: Partimi by Eleanor Dorrien-Smith
1 March 2011 Kevin Kramp

Dearling Physique's 'Discipline Your Hands"

Kevin Kramp designs custom knit costumes for video of Dearling Physique's 'Discipline Your Hands'

Directed by Ansel Wallenfang
20 February 2011 Augustin Teboul

Winter 2011

Fashion film from designer Augustin Teboul showcasing her Winter 2011 collection.

Conceptual design and production:Dominic Gambert and André Schäfer
Fashion & Styling: Augustin Teboul
Music: Ambroise Prieur & Sébastien Roger
Hair and Make-up Director:Lisa Zeitler
12 February 2011 GARCIA MADRID

Collection Nº 10

Fashion film by Garcia Madrid 'Collection Nº 10' for Spring/Summer 2011.
9 February 2011 Savannah Wyatt


A short fashion film by Savannah Wyatt

Created by: Savannah Wyatt and Borja Pena
Collection by: Savannah Wyatt
Performed by: Johanna Hickey
Styled by: Jessica Mycock
Hair and Makeup by: Lauren Kuzas
Music: Harry Nilsson "One"
25 January 2011 Y.ld by Dora Mojzes


A fashion video created by Dóra Mojzes, David Vigh and Márk Viszlay for the Hungarian Fashion Video Festival in 2010. Jury gave it the 2nd Prize.
Music: The Pot by Tool.
Costumes & styling: Mojzes Dóra.
Photography: Viszlay Márk
Art director & editor: Vigh Dávid
Makeup: Kovalik Natasa
Hair: Tüzes Tamás/Hairclub
Model: Anita/Visage
Assistance: Kecskés Márton, Uhercsik Brigitta, Nagy Dorottya
24 January 2011 TATA CHRISTIANE

Tata Christiane

Film: Elisa Cucinelli
Fotos: Sabrina Knierim
Music: Elliot Fouchy
Stylism: Tatachristiane
Model: Sabrina Hubert
8 January 2011 DEER SPOTTER

AW2010 limited edition PART 2

A fashion film for DEERSPOTTER

Video: Irena Fabri/Lazar Bogdanovic
Music: Aleksandra Vucelic Guitar: Strahinja Beganovic, John Mell
Models: Andjelija Vujovic & Ida Prester
Art direction: Marko Cerketa
Production: Petar Jevtic
Photographer: Sever Zolak
Hair: Darjan Antonijevic
Makeup: Ana Acimovic
Styling: Bojan Jovanovic
Shoes: Vladimir Lazarevic
Big help: Zaga Skerletovic, Vladimir Backovic, Marija Knezevic, Dusan Ostracanin, Ljiljana Adamov, Iva Krivokapic, Dragan Loncar
7 January 2011 Mich Dulce

Three Eggs

A fashion film by Mich Dulce

Starring: Sanya Smith
Director: Mich Dulce
Cinematographer: EverywhereWeShoot
Producer: Erwin Romulo
Editor: Jason Tan
Music: Rubber inc. with moon fear moon
Makeup: MAC
31 December 2010 ASIA WYSOCZYNSKA

Square/Anatomy of Motion

A fashion video by Asia Wysoczynska

Designs: Asia Wysoczynska
Photography and direction: Michal Kar ShootMe
Model: Asia Pulco |Division|

Production: SHOOTME Photographers

25 November 2010 Lascivious

The Doll

Fashion film created by Wyld Stallyons for Lascivious

The Doll is a short film about death, desire, and robots; made for boutique lingerie label Lascivious in 2007.
13 October 2010 Tomihiro Kono

Starless Night

A short fashion film for Tomihiro Kono

Sung and performed by Wendy Bevan/Neon O'Clock Works
Edited: Sayaka Maruyama
Hair and head props: Tomihiro Kon
13 October 2010 Tomihiro Kono

Deja Vu

A short fashion film for Tomihiro Kono

Directed: Neon O'Clock Works
Head prop collections: Tomihiro Kono
Film edited: Sayaka Maruyama
Music composed: Christos Fanaras (Jack Shirt)

23 August 2010 Mono Clothing

FLIGHT, a trace of transience

A short fashion film for Mono Clothing

A film by Gene Doe
Special thanks: Tiffany Tregarthen, Redia Soltis & Cam Dales
16 July 2010 Tomcsanyi

Illusion Project

A fashion film depicting the 2010 look book by designer Dori Tomcsanyi.

Directed, shot: Daphne Samaras
All clothes by: Dori Tomcsanyi, Agi Szabo
Models: Zsofi and Baliko
Post Production: Mark Laszlo
Music: Scratch Massive: In the dressing room