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the berlin university of the arts

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The company’s philosophy

Although Fanfaronada’s offer includes a number of products, the trademark of our brand is the tulle skirt in various colors, lengths and designs. All models are made upon request and tailored to the needs of our customers – even the youngest ones. They are sewn by companies we know well and based in Poland, giving us complete control over the quality and design of products. Items tagged Fanfaronada are designed to last for years, so we use only the highest quality materials. What else distinguishes our products? Among other things, the fact that our customers do not usually end up having only one model. We are always willing to listen to their ideas and dreams. New models are created in direct response to the needs of Fanfaronada fans from around the world. Keeping up with their needs is pure pleasure for us. In the end, they are the ones who make us love our work!

History of the brand

Fanfaronada was founded in 2003 by two crazy and talented women – Daria Salamon and Gosia Czerwińska. After three years of joint work it was time for a change. Since 2006, the company has been managed by Daria alone. She maintains the core idea of the brand, continuing to design original and distinctive products. She is a 2001 graduate of Berlin University of Arts, School of Experimental Clothing Design. In Germany she gained experience in the industry, but the combination of crazy ideas with an excessive amount of energy resulted with her coming back to Poland and starting the brand in a place which lacked color – city of Szczecin. Currently five creative women run Fanfaronada: Daria, Gosia, Angelika, Aneta and Jagoda. Filled with creative atmosphere, the studio is a place where unique limited collections of Daria Salamon are created, alongside the constantly expanding line of Fanfaronada classics. Among them are many types of tulle skirts, silk blouses, corsets, jersey tops and dresses, which have been winning the hearts of our customers all over the world. Our collections are offered through a multiple online stores and local boutiques. Yet the company’s heart lies in Szczecin. That’s where the brand’s atelier is based and where the designer along with her team brings to life the most courageous and twisted ideas. For Fanfaronada’s team anything is possible!

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