Ezekiel Design Studio

Grey Sheep


tel aviv / israel


Avni Institute of art and design

Graduation year


“always trying new disciplines and experimenting new ideas and materials while continuously pushing my boundaries, these are the cure elements that drive me and my work as a product designer.”

“EZEKIEL design studio” is where i do it, as a designer I incorporate my Impression of architecture and arts with the right materials to create products that express my perception of the world that surrounds me. the city provides me with an abundance of design inputs. space, people, sounds and colours form the conceptual base for my creation and from that point of view i start the design process. my studio is where i bring my knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods and arts to the design process with great care for the smallest details.

the studio was Established in 2013 out of the will to provide a broad set of services in the interior design Area. the studio specialise in furniture, lighting and special elements development.creating costume single units and small series products starting at the concept stage and ending with the final product. the aesthetic approach is minimalism, aspiring to create products accurate and free of any “noises” while giving full attention to the smallest details. we always try to find the new exciting project and we never defined boundaries as we apply our design approach to work in all kinds of new and exciting fields. Recently we've created a jewellery line called "folds" in which we use folded wood veneer to create what we call "wearable furniture", we are also working on a fashion collection in collaboration with fashion designer zohar kalev
the studio works with private customers, businesses, museums and galleries. among our customers: israel museum, jerusalem. tel aviv museum. saga gallery, jaffa. hamidrasha gallery, jaffa.

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