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london / United Kingdom


instituto marangoni

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Canadian by birth but raised in Athens, Evmorfia Bethanis moved to London UK where she studied Fashion Design at the prestigious Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design as well as the Marangoni Institute of Fashion.

Having held several posts in various Fashion Design houses in London including Alexander McQueen, Evmorfia set off to make her own mark on the fashion industry.

Her designs reflect her fascination with contemporary world culture in all its forms. The label wants to offer women a fresh take on modern femininity. A perspective which seeks to innovatively draw inspiration from, combine and harmonise the trends, artefacts and materials which she believes have meaning and significance. Impeccable finishing and tailoring with a sophisticated yet worldly aesthetic are defining aspects of the Evmorfia brand.

By giving her name to her brand, Evmorfia Bethanis and her clothes are strongly linked in the arena of luxury fashion excellence.

Each collection is an expression of her artistic vision and each garment is carefully crafted and finished to the highest standards.

On Evmorfia's clothes, viewers will notice unique shapes and lines which focus on enhancing the female figure, concentrating on detail, the right combination of fabrics and colors, and meticulous craft.

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