Evgenija Zafirovska

Grey Sheep


ljubljana / slovenia


fashion & textile design- faculty of natural sciences and engineering, ljubljana, slovenia

Graduation year


Evgenija Zafirovska, fashion designer, born in Skopje, lives and creates in Ljubljana. In 2018 she finished MA in Fashion design from Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at University of Ljubljana.
The combination of fashion, architecture and tradition gives her a range of knowledge that allows her to use it in crafting passion, speaking sincere story through pleasant and functional products. She creates a unique, unforgettable and timeless products using modern technology, traditional crafts and recycling. Taking care of the tradition and the protection of the environment is reflected in the attention to the tiniest details of her designs.

“The new era of luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible” EZ

The brand philosophy is to offer a deeper product satisfaction with quality design, good fit, and sustainable production process. In many collections, she used traditional crafts and she is also making clothes without or with very little waste. As a designer, she has worked hard intending to have zero waste and to get as close as possible to a sustainable way of thinking. She is aware of the connection with others and with the environment, so her goal is to achieve changes in the world creatively and innovatively.