Sustainable Fashion with GreenStitched Offline x ISDI Mumbai

GreenStitched Offline explores sustainable fashion through a documentary screening and expert panel discussion at ISDI. Mumbai, India: GreenStitched Offline brings an insightful take on sustainable fashion to Mumbai on 17th Feb-ruary through a documentary screening and a panel discussion with leading experts in the space. The docu-mentary Frontline Fashion, screening for the first time in Mumbai publicly, follows 10 talented Asian and Eu-ropean emerging fashion designers determined to change the future of fashion, one of the most polluting in-dustries in the world. This documentary will be followed by a panel discussion between experts from various facets of the eco fashion/sustainable fashion world. The panel discussion will bring in a unique perspective on what has been achieved so far and where are we heading.

The Panelists Are:
1. Radhi Parekh of ARTISANS’ Kala Ghoda
2. Tanushri Shukla of Chindi
3. Yash Kotak of BOHECO (Bombay Hemp Company)

The panel will be moderated by Pavithra Mohanraj of Infinitive and Sustainability Nexus. This event is supported by Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI), Mumbai and will be held at their ISDI ACE hall. To reserve a slot, please register at the link below. This event is open for all: Latest updates will posted on the Facebook Event Page:

GreenStitched Offline:
Starting as a news curating platform for sustainable fashion stories, GreenStitched went on to organise and host the first film festival on sustainable fashion called the GreenStitched Film Festival in Bangalore. To raise public awareness on the dirty truths of fashion - one of the most polluting industries – GreenStitched Offline screenings and discussion have been organised in various cities including Bangalore, Pune and now Mum-bai. For more details, visit our websites and follow us on social media.

The Indian School of Design and Innovation / ISDI (iss-dee) was founded by Radha Kapoor in 2013 with Par-sons The New School for Design in the heart of Mumbai. ISDI's historic collaboration with Parsons The New School for Design, New York enables students to benefit from Parsons’ rigorous curriculum, prominent visit-ing faculty, well established student exchanges and global relationships. All educational programmes are built upon the foundation of a forward-thinking and innovative curriculum, industry sponsored projects, na-tional and international collaborations and a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility.

About The Documentary - Frontline Fashion: 
Frontline Fashion is a documentary following 10 talented Asian and European emerging fashion designers determined to change the future of fashion – currently one of the most polluting industries – for the better in the world’s biggest sustainable fashion design competition - The EcoChic Design Award. As they descend into Hong Kong for the design battle of their lives, all eyes are on the first prize; to design an up-cycled collection for China’s leading luxury brand, Shanghai Tang. But before they meet the region’s fash-ion elite on the Hong Kong Fashion Week runway, the designers must prove they have what it takes to trans-form the industry’s polluting ways by tackling waste at a discarded clothing warehouse and going behind the scenes at one of the biggest shirt manufacturers in the world. As the 10 designers vie for the winning posi-tion, they prove that when it comes to sustainable fashion, there is no need for a compromise in style. But there can only be one winner.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet. Its environmental impacts include all natural resources - waterways, forests, soil, oceans, landfill. The industry is a mass em-ployer and touches many lives throughout its long and complex value chain. The decade of 2010 has seen a large uptake of sustainable initiatives in mainstream business. However, knowledge about issues in the masses is lacking. There is a growing need to connect these issues with the young and old. And films can be an effective way of generating awareness. 

About GreenStitched Offline:
GreenStitched Offline is an evening of film screenings on sustainable fashion. The event convenes industry experts to share insights from the field and invites enthusi-asts to network and collaborate. So far GreenStitched Offline screenings have been held in Banga-lore and Pune. To raise awareness, inspire action and build a community, these screenings are held in different cities following the GreenStitched Film Festival, the only film festival that screens documentaries on sustainable fashion.