iD Dunedin Fashion Week

A week of thrills and excitement dedicated to fashion and design

iD Dunedin Fashion Week is a magical week of thrills and excitement dedicated to fashion and design. Each May Dunedin city comes alive to celebrate its distinct style, fashion identity and industry, with collaboration between the local, national and international fashion sector, tertiary institutions and supporting industries which allow the fashion sector to grow and evolve.

The week includes both ticketed and free events which are targeted at the public, established and emerging designers and the media. The two major events during the week are the iD International Emerging Designer Awards, an international fashion design competition, and the iD Dunedin Fashion Show held at the iconic Dunedin Railway Station.

In 2000 a non-profit incorporated society – the iD Dunedin Fashion Incorporated Society was formed. iD Dunedin Fashion Inc is a charitable organisation (registered under the Charities Commission) and each year the event is run on a tight breakeven budget. Any extra funds from the event are carried on to help fund the next year’s event.