Fashionclash Festival 2018

An international and interdisciplinary fashion platform with the main focus on new generation of designers/artists

FASHIONCLASH is an international and interdisciplinary fashion platform with a main focus on new generation of designers/artists. Main goal of FASHIONCLASH is to connect talent, various disciplines, cultures and reach a broad audience through the art of fashion. FASHIONCLASH provides the platform by developing and organizing projects where young designers / artists can show their work. The main project where all the goals are coming together is the successful ‘FASHIONCLASH Festival’, an annual international  fashion festival.

From the moment FASHIONCLASH started it has increasingly grown. By means of projects such as the annual FASHIONCLASH Festival, and spin-offs like FASHIONCLASH Market, Pop-Up Stores,  Theatrical Encounters projects, Fashion Procession 2011, FASHIONCLASH Cape Town, 200 Years of Kingdom and numerous presentations within the Netherlands and abroad, FASHIONCLASH possesses a unique position within the international fashion industry. Ever since the first edition in 2009 over 900 talents coming from 40 different countries have joined the event.

FASHIONCLASH is a growing network that includes inspiring cooperations. FASHIONCLASH platform provides young designers to be part of a greater network. In addition to events and projects in Maastricht and The Netherlands FASHIONCLASH platform already had presentations in Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Mauritius, Germany, Belgium, France, Malta, Gibraltar, Uk, Ireland and South Africa.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is an international and interdisciplinary fashion festival mainly focusing on ‘young’ emerging designers and artists, active within a broad range of disciplines. The festival gives them the opportunity to show their work. The work shown, are related through a clear link with fashion such as textile, photography, video, jewellery, performance, dance, accessories etc. 

FASHIONCLASH Festival programme is accessible for everyone and has become a unique opportunity to discover new talents and get inspired by fashion in the widest sense of the word. There are Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, FASHIONCLASH (designer) Market, Clash Project, theatre and dance performances and an extensive Side Program with pop-up stores, workshops and presentations throughout Maastricht.