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moscow / russia


british higher school of art & design

EUGÉNIE FIÈRE MAISON [œʒe'ni fier mɛ'zõ] is a brand that specializes in creating premium clothing. The distinctive style of the brand can be described as casual luxury.
EUGENIE FIERE audience consists of women of all ages – they are united not by their age, but by the attitude to themselves and to fashion. The essential thing for them is clear awareness of their own identity and the desire to express themselves through clothing – beautiful and at the same time comfortable.
For that reason oversize cut clothing is often created under the brand name, and the patterns are partly derived from male wardrobe.
The purpose of the brand is to create a unique and, at the same time, wearable clothes, perfect in everything: from the cut to each decorative element. Status and exclusiveness of the created clothing is emphasized by the limited edition of EUGENIE FIERE collections - in addition, any item of clothing can be made over in size for a perfect fit.
When it comes to the brand's DNA, the basis of EUGENIE FIERE aesthetics was formed under the influence of the classic fashion houses, such as Saint Laurent and Céline, and more avant-garde brands - Comme des Garçons and Maison Margiela. By all means, the direct borrowing of famous brands’ “methods” is out of the question - but EUGENIE FIERE finds their approach to fashion very congenial to its own: independent, intelligent and always – the most distinctive.

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