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As a result of one of those deep conversations flavored with gin cocktails, Estefania shared with Silvana her ideas and feelings on how urgently she wanted to explore new aesthetics and give a more accurate representation for today. Silvana then could not stop thinking about how this new aesthetics will look like and agreed on the need to make form and geometries explorations.

Estevana was born as complicity between sisters that soon began to take the form of a fine jewelry brand. Both passionate about gems, design, architecture, and art, created Estevana as space where they could give physical expression to their ideas and passions.

Estevana is a fine jewelry brand redefining luxury through high-end designs of wearable art; combining both worlds, craftsmanship, and digital. Unique authentic jewelry pieces that empower you by connecting with your inner wilder feelings of sensuality and sophistication. Empowering the current and new generations to become genuinely themselves by using a daily dose of fluid, ethically sourced, new timeless jewelry pieces.

Estevana is sustainable, supports artisan, and craftsmanship. As Mexicans, Estevana preserves the value of art and craftwork as part of the Mexican cultural heritage. Retakes this tradition and collaborates with different jewelry artisans to produce every piece, giving each one a uniquely human touch; making each of the pieces one of a kind.

Estevana gives voice to our today’s society where the digital is not more the future but the now, and craftsmanship becomes the new luxury. Art as a daily need, where everybody has access to it and a voice. Estevana implements the newest architectural digital tools and software into the design and production processes, allowing them to explore and create new aesthetics.

- Aesthetics from and for our times, more suitable to our post-digital era. New Luxury as an expression where both; digital and analog processes collide to give birth to new aesthetics connecting with self-expression, self-empowerment, self-knowledge. -

Wearable art made of noble metals and semi-precious and precious stones.

Jewelry design that represents the new aesthetics that eventually will become the future classics. In the need for new timeless jewelry and more accurate representation for today; where silver and ethically sourced gemstones are not afraid to be mixed.

Through redefining aesthetics and luxury Estevana creates a new timeless.
Our new old and now future make Estevana the expression of our Present.

Estevana gives jewelry a new approach by creating small reconfigurable systems, as seen on the wave claw ring; consisting of one jewelry piece composed by a set of 3 rings to make recombinations, allowing to play with the morphology of the piece and wear it according to their emotions. A new way to manifest yourself, and personalizing your jewelry.

Estefania and Silvana Barrios launched their first jewelry collection in April 2019. Both architects, studying architecture and arts in London, Florence, Seoul and Mexico City; love to explore through different disciplines the meaning of the post-digital era through their jewelry. Redefining the meaning of luxury, new timeless, and new aesthetics by using their architectural background, and passion for arts; colliding the digital and the craftsmanship to express themselves, manifesting their thoughts, emotions, and love.

As Mexicans, they inherited a love for craftsmanship and want to preserve and support their cultural background and artisans by making each jewelry piece one of a kind.


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