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Estelle London, a former social worker turned fashion designer inspires women to shine with her beautiful collection of clothing.
Our founder started out in a career in social work. While she loved her job, she wanted to find a way to merge her love of fashion and continue to help others, everyday. Creating a company that had a large charitable and ethical presence in the community was natural for her. Clothing is a way to support others in feeling better about themselves, and the success of Estelle London means that the company can have broader charitable intentions.
Estelle London celebrates women by donating a portion of net proceeds to charities that empower women.

Estelle London is a responsible brand and we make smart choices on our ecology and in our manufacturing process. Our manufactures provide proper working conditions, we always comply with every government regulation to dispose of extra materials, both recyclable and non- recyclable, thereby reducing waste. Our processes use the least amount of energy and resources we can, saving energy and money.

Estelle London’s inspiration comes from every woman who inspires to look and feel glamorous elegant and sexy. Estelle London’s bespoke collection are very modern, feminine, and effortless to wear. We know that busy women need clothing that works, fits perfectly and feels good through the day.
Estelle London’s commitment to exceptional products shows in the innovation and creativity that is the heart of the company. Estelle London have a talented and highly skilled team who choose high end materials and finishes and produce quality garments made by hand, with care.

Estelle London invites you in to its realm of luxury, elegance and beauty. We promise you will enjoy the experience as much as we do creating it for you.

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