Essé by Sahib & Sunayana

Black Sheep


new delhi / india


national institute of fashion and technology (nift)

Essé is an urban womenswear label launched in 2017, encompassing a wide range of ensembles from contemporary Indian silhouettes to modern pret. At the brand’s core are values of simplicity, functionality, quality and longevity.
Essé explores the nuances of personality through intimate detail, sartorial techniques and refined fabrications.
Offering reinvented classics and luxury essentials, the label aims to create pieces that are made to last beyond the season keeping the look fresh, uncluttered and relevant. The design philosophy lies in combining the two different elements of simplicity and power in today’s world through clean, detailed and controlled style lines. Artisan techniques and intricate embroideries are used throughout the collections to create the ethereal and timeless Essé aesthetic.
Integral to the Essé culture is the combination of contrasting elements - fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity. The hallmarks of the label include a creative approach to volume, color and silhouette that appeals to a modern sensibility and helps women to attain their true form.