Esha Sethi Thirani

Black Sheep


kolkata / india


Bhawanipur Education Society College

Since the label’s establishment in 2012, Esha Sethi Thirani’s design inspiration emanates mainly from shape, architecture and colour, bringing together with her artistic eye and design sensibility a conscious marriage of fit and design. The fundamentals of the label are focused strongly on the collections being effortlessly sophisticated, affordable and practical without aesthetically compromising on the gaping factors that inspire Thirani’s appraoch while designing her collections. For her, her collections must reflect on the kind of woman she is herself; strong, fun, and fearless.

Creative director, Esha Sethi Thirani began her career studying fashion design at The Bhowanipore Education Society College, where her talent was honoured with the ‘Designer of the Year’ award in 2012. Upon graduating from Lancaster University in the UK with an M.A in Human Resources and Knowledge management in 2008, Esha returned to Kolkata realizing her true calling was in the field of fashion and creative arts.

The collections are designed to interpret the unorthodox experiments Esha enjoys with her riveting amalgamation of western fabrics and Indian embroidery. This way she ensures a gracious balance between the new eccentric and the traditionalists.

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