Black Sheep


new york / united states


fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

Graduation year


ESEMBLĒ /əˈsɛmbli/

Launched in A/W 2016, ESEMBLĒ hit the scene with its modern take on vintage handbags. Novelty being at the heart of the brand alongside aesthetics, ESEMBLĒ has brought classic designs with eclectic details, functionality and luxury quality at a contemporary price point. The brand is best known for its Bell Shoulder Bag adorned with the signature gold triangular buckle, inspired by NYC’s flea market finds.

We made a conscious departure from the noise while staying true to the core of ESEMBLĒ, which is creating empowering, thoughtful and uniquely personal pieces that stand the test of time and transcend trends, designed for the modern girl seeking an effortless wardrobe.


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