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Lagrasse / france

Eppo is Fashion designer, Couturier and Stylist of 100% hand craftsmanship designed clothes based in Lagrasse in the middle of the Corbieres, Languedoc Roussillon.
He is drawn by the elegance, the vibrancy and the chance to design imaginative, exclusive, well-crafted clothing that makes his clients feel confident, beautiful and out of the box.
He thinks Slow-Fashion, more personal, back to handmade with emotion and feeling

Besides the Fashion he designs costumes in the world of music, theater, film and Art-Performance.
This illustrates the multidisciplinary methodolgy of his work. In 2007 he created his own Label combining all the Fashion releated activities he undertakes as an Artist. Aside from designing clothes, he creates accessoires, decors. objects, installations and music. Music plays a big part in his work. He creates for many various music Artists, working with all kinds of different materials such as, silks, Haute-Couture fabrics and Plastics, with a strong use of intensive colours he creates his own style recognisable as Eppo.

He believes in the history and continuity of creating. He has a strong sense of refusing to consent to the nowadays flippancy of the fashion industry. Hurrying to present a new collection every half-year doesn't fit into that picture. The most important factor is that his visualizations and the body of thought repeatedly return and function as a focal point for the spectator. This is why he strongly believes in building an oeuvre. A collection is something one builds up, rather like objects in a museum. His work evolves throughout the creative process. His earlier works leading, seemingly inevitably, towards his newest creations. This assures that Eppo's work remains relevant as a whole rather than becoming a series of isolated creations.

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