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berne / switzerland

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Curious, determined, passionate, I draw my creativity in what surrounds me and what gives me emotion.
The embroidery appeared to me as an evidence, when I discovered LESAGE, Parisian haute couture embroidery house. This richness of the colors and the effects that the beads and the pearls on textile decline, enchant me and give me a fullness of creativity.
Already self-taught in sewing and mesh creation, I followed a formation at Elisabeth Gasbarre Roulleau in Lyon, an exceptional woman who transmit to me her passion for excellence and beauty.
With an experience for the designer Francesca Fossati in Milan, in collaboration with Atelier "Rêves de Broderies" by Elisabeth Roulleau, I created and realized the embroideries of a dress and gloves for an art deco theme for the SS / 18 collection.
In 2019, I made my first collection for the vancouver fashion week and made embroidery masterpieces and clothes for this event.

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