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we believe that fashion shouldn't be difficult. We believe that dressing up everyday, be that for work, running errands, university, walking your dog, partying, or pretty much anything else, shouldn’t be a hassle. Our priority is to make clothing that is easy to style, a little edgy, a little classy, a perfect blend of “overdressed” and “underdressed” for a modern woman just trying to make it in this crazy world. We don’t try to make fashion fun, we try to make it cool and easy. No eccentric cuts and crazy details, but also not too minimalistic. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Now to get real with you, fashion is a great, it is an incredibly interesting and rich industry, but it’s also not that big of a deal, you choose what it is for you. We wont ever try to push something on you, you do you girl, we will catch up.

We don’t believe in perfection, what we do believe In is messiness and authenticity. The most beautiful and fascinating things in this world aren’t perfect, and these imperfections are what makes everything around us unique and special. This is why our clothing is made to look slightly imperfect. Thats the message behind it.

When we develop our pieces we make sure that the clothing is first tried on by friends and family, to ensure we get enough feedback on whether the clothes are comfortable to wear. We believe that comfort shouldn’t be compromised for style.

Also, when you get your piece delivered from TEI you will get a detailed care sheet, the story of the piece you purchased from us, and well as a lot of information about where was that particular piece made, who made it, and where were the materials purchased. All of our garments are made in ethical conditions and in small quantities as we don’t believe in overproduction and overconsumption and try to help the Earth little by little, as much as we can.

Speaking of Mother Earth, check out our upcycling project! When you return your used TEI pieces back to us you will get 10% off your next order. You can find out more about the offer on our Upcycling Project page on our website.

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