Emilia Toccafondi

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Kingston School of Art

Born in Florence, Italy. I moved to London when I was 19, looking for a new experience to challenge myself.
I graduated in London at Kingston School of Art, where I obtained my degree in Fashion. After the three-year course I had the chance to produce my collection and view it at Graduate Fashion Week.
My heritage and background strongly influenced my work, where I explored the cultural balance between my two split lives. Italy and England. I had, and still have, an urge to want these two cultures to coexist in harmony. Being assimilated into the English culture, but also naturally maintaining a big sense and feeling of warmth for my mother country, has enabled me to experience different cultural realities that sparked a series of concepts for my final collection; in particular, the realisation that these two lives will never meet but instead run on a parallel path.

Latest Collection