Grey Sheep


stockholm / sweden


sir john cass dept. of art, media, and design (london metropolitan university)

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United Kingdom

"I look for ways of justifying to myself my presence on the jewellery scene, since it is mainly connected to vanity, superficiality and exclusivity; I want to make soulful, intriguing and inclusive work, without decreasing the visual value. I want an equal jewellery-wearing world, creating pieces that both can make little girls gasp and grown men giggle."

Elsa Hedberg is a jewellery designer with a BA degree from Sir John Cass dep. of Art and Design at London Metropolitan University.
Innovatively exploring personalization, interaction, multiple function and what is really precious to the user of a decorative object, Elsa flirts with people’s inner children, her pieces dramatic, soulful, bursting with colour. Her playful attitude towards materials and function has previously resulted in collections of heat-sensitive jewellery that changed colour after wearing, and cut-out jewellery that gave the wearer an opportunity to finalise their own pieces with a pair of scissors.

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