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If fashion is alchemy of a kind, Elodie's creative initiative is one of its expressions. Born in the south of France, fashion designer ELODIELAURENT obtained a Master in Marketing from the University of Toulouse Graduate School of Management in 2006 before studing at Lasalle College of fashion in Montreal. She learnt her trades from canadian designers HELMER JOSEPH and MARIE SAINT PIERRE and she is now managing GARETH PUGH's studio in London. But that hasn't stopped her from working on her own creations. Either it’s shreded denim or human hair, meticulously detailed or minimalist, trashy or chic, dark or colorful, texturized or plain, slashed or weaved, transparent or mat, each collection tells a unique story that points out a precise state of being and/or state of mind. The uncommon characters — rare birds, black widow, white flower, feathered creature, amazone in a trance state, alienated woman (..) — seems like they only lives a day. So swift is essential nature's way Elodie is captivated about the process of giving life to aestetics by way of ingenious experiments and fundamental introspection is clearly her philosophical key.

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