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Ella Prakash Founder & Designer her career started in 1984, Ella art gallery is the brainchild of founder Ella Prakash who established this artistic venture in 2004.
The whole idea behind "Ella art gallery" Where art meets Emotion the paintings and artwork resonate just that.
The new venture has brought a fresh spin to the world of art and it is now the proud sibling to its sister company, "Ella impressions" Where art meets Fashion
This is a fresh take on fashion through the eyes of an artist and will bring a delightful and elite sophistication to the world of fashion with its spunky color palette and clean and minimalistic forms and shapes. EMOTIONS are the key to Ella’s art ‘Ella impressions’ is a high-end brand which is going to take an emotional twist to the generic high-end labels and give you a Renaissance of art. Art that will whisper soft poetry to you about handwoven laces and organic silks. A craft that will make you wear shades of blue when you are sad and pick bright reds for romantic getaways. Dexterity that will softly announce your arrival as every head turns to watch you enter a room and make a statement worthy of a couture magazine. The craftsmanship that will help you express through art what you cannot do with a simple and beautiful dress. Art holds the secret to all things beautiful. The collection that has been tamed, groomed, nurtured, designed, and constructed with precision, design aesthetic and a very insightfully curated range of organic and handmade fabrics and materials from soft ‘Pashminas to beautiful modals in colors to match every mood. Silks handpicked to ensure the finest quality. FASHION that will define your style and give flight to your personality. This is a glorious celebration of EMOTION, ART, & FASHION all coming together to create a poetic and cosmic magnificence.

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