Elin Manon

Grey Sheep


Carmarthenshire / United Kingdom


middlesex university

Graduation year


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Elin Manon is a designer specialising in knitwear, repurposed clothes and materials from unusual sources. The brand values ideas surrounding material culture, social class, sustainability and ultimately a sentiment towards clothing. Clothes that can stand the test of time through our human emotions. She attempts to bridge the gap between person and garment by creating 'signs of human life' on the clothes, a coffee stain beaded and embroidered to celebrate the usage of the garment and mending techniques such as darning to challenge our need for complete newness. She purposefully shows construction details to eulogise the maker of the clothes and uses images relating to popular culture and the home. Hand crafted textiles are at the forefront of her designs, with a culmination of various techniques including hand e-wrapped knit, embroidery and hand painting: patchwork together with different wovens to create her aesthetic.

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