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paris / france


atelier chardon savard

Graduation year



ELI GRITA is a brand, but also a story. The story of its designer, the fruit of her life, of her travels. In 2010 ELI sings, dances, lives in the city of light, this city that she bewitched. But, something is missing. She needs to fill a void, she needs answers.
Then she lives her Parisian routine to become a Globetrotter. Seeking for new experiences, new meetings, looking for herself. Passionate by South America, she made her mind. She left for Mexico!
In quest of spirituality, she finds authenticity and the peace she missed. In love with this country, magic happened and the encounters followed.
It is after she met with chamans that she found answers to her questions. She changes her skin for a new one. She goes from Julia to ELI : “the one that express herself loudly”
This is the rebirth of a woman and the birth of a brand.


Throughout her travel, ELI collections bags that she finds in Mexico’s markets. She loves their stories, their mysteries and their singularities. She feels unique while wearing those pieces and wishes to share this feeling to every woman.
This is for this particular reason that ELI GRITA’s bags are all unique. They have their names; their histories and their owners would be the only one on this earth to possess them.

ELI GRITA’s bags are a source of creativity. They represent the women that wear them. They represent their feminity. The idea of a changing flap was like evidence. The bag, just like the woman will change whenever they like. Humanity and spirituality are central values of ELI GRITA. The custom is an essential part of the brand. It allows our customers to live a real experience, an immersion in the brand life, a face to face with the designer.

To be true to the values of the brand, it was necessary to find a way to create handcrafted bags. The only deserves the best. This is the reason why all of ELI GRITA’s bags are hand made in Paris, in our own workshop, by the manufacturer of the brand.

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