Elementum by Daniela Pais

Grey Sheep


Caldas da Rainha / portugal


design academy eindhoven

Graduation year


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Daniela Pais, established the fashion label Elementum in 2008 after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven's Masters program. Her work re-questions the fundamental principles behind fashion and identity, and aims to reduce waste form fashion production and consumption cycles.

Creating beautiful clothes should not be at the expense of our future.
With the vision to change the way we make and wear clothes, Elementum is a sustainable fashion brand built on Zero Waste principals, using only natural materials and made in Europe. With timeless and multi-functional designs Elementum offers a range of expression and identity that fits the fast changing contexts of today's fashion.
Elementum believes we wear our clothes and not the clothes wear us. You decide what your Elementum will be today – a scarf, a shirt, a hoodie or a dress. We don't create waste: there is no cut off material and we produce without stitches, zippers, or buttons. In Elementum we make use of the complete textile and incorporate minimum cuts in the fabric to provide maximum use for the clothes.


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