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seoul / south korea


university of southern queensland in australia

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EL.BOW UNION was established in 2021 by Haegyung Gwon from Korea. The designer has been seeking the reasons for many years why she wanted to be a fashion designer and what kind of clothes to make while she was living and traveling around many countries. It might be a little vague, but she desired to make beautiful clothes and communicate with people about her life philosophy and inspirations through her collection.

The brand pursues experimental and soulful fashion aesthetics by exploring the ever-changing sunlight, wind, seasons and everyday life within them. With the vision of 'Creating value for others', the brand aims to create a bold but understated beauty with a sophisticated design line. Based on romanticism that respects individual sensibilities and new creativity, EL.BOW UNION unfolds the collection flexibly with a unique perspective.

EL.BOW UNION make clothes sincerely and beautifully with craftsmanship for everyone's precious daily life.

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