Elanur Erdogan

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new york / united states


parsons new school of design

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If you’re looking for Elanur Erdogan you can find her in signature New York black attempting to get lost in a place she has long called home.

As a designer she constructs literal methods to interpret her abstract ideas. Fashion is merely a medium she employs as a matter of physically communicating concepts. Whereas most correlate codes to computers, the designer builds them on the human form. The nostalgia for handcrafted product is evident in her work but often it is combined with new discoveries. The quirky nature of the designer draws her to dissect more “obscure” items inspiration. As a collector of oddities and a curator of ideas she combines her hobby with her trade to create an individualized perspective.

For each collection the designer creates a standard system for developing garments. The systematic method allows her initially illusive concepts to become tangible; this hands on approach has become a trademark of the young designer’s work.

A storyteller at the core, she views clothing as a metaphor that will travel with the wearer. The designer seeks stories to be told and new manners of telling them.

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