el quesada

Grey Sheep


brooklyn / united states


pratt institute

Graduation year


El Quesada is a young designer residing in Brooklyn New York,
Inspired by the little things, the direction of a skirt hit by the breeze of a passing car, the crinkle of skin as it moves, the immersive touch of a bag of rice. Tiny things that deserve full attention and an extra moment to contemplate. Everything Naturally flows and makes room for another, when you let it, and it is this constant dependance that brings an organic quality to their designs and surface work.
They are most impassioned by texture and its ability to pull emotions out with touch. In curved seams, and beading, with eye catching embroidery and prints; one of their favorite things about fashion is the immersive quality of the art. You get the weight of tiny pieces of glass on your chest and are able to see the visual comparability between one’s complexion and the beauty of an inconsistent hand dye.
The very human element of meticulous details done by hand is what feeds most of the concepts they move forward with. The complexity of human emotion, attachment and concepts we derive creates a lot of the depth exhibited in every piece. Empathy is at the core of their work as an artist and being able transfer an understanding of self.

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