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valencia / spain


universitat politècnica de valencia

Graduate in fine arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)and the accademia di Belli Arti de Venezia (Italy), Xavi Montava has devoted much of his career to the field of fashion, working in leading companies such as brand manager. Two years ago he decided to merge this experience in the field of fashion with his artistic training to create "EL MITO DE GEA" where unleashes his true calling as a creative developing a particular universe that has become the signature identification element.

El Mito de Gea is more than a brand of accessories, it is a multidisciplinary project that combines craftsmanship with cutting-edge design all made with quality materials

This uniqueness has resulted in El Mito de Gea has now carved out a significant niche in the industry, with appearances in a major Fashion Magazines both nationally and internationally and that many celebrities have a bran for its special events. We must also highlight the collaboration with various designers on runways Madrid Mercedes Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami.

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