Eilisain Jewelry

Black Sheep


greenville / united states


East Carolina Univeristy

Graduation year


Lisette has been designing and making jewelry for over 10 years. Growing up as the daughter of an Army officer provided her the opportunity to travel the world, from Japan to El Salvador to Uruguay to Panama. This immersion in a diversity of cultures provided Lisette an invaluable appreciation for a variety of art forms.

Lisette finds inspiration from the local people and wildlife in the places where she has lived. Humans have always had a strong bond with totem animals. In Eilisain Jewelry you have the chance to feel the spirit of animals that might otherwise remain unfamiliar.

Lisette's design and aesthetic presentation skills have evolved into what is now her signature skill of using the ancient art of wax casting to create pieces of Eilisain Jewelry; jewelry immortalizing the beauty and strength of animals such as the owl, crow, deer, badger and bear. Lisette continues to develop this ancient method and to work in new mediums. She is constantly looking to new ways to adorn the human body in the presentation of these strong bonds between humans and the animal kingdom.

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