Egor Galizdra

Black Sheep


omsk / russia


omsk state institute of service

Graduation year


Egor Galizdra is a designer from Omsk, Russia. He study at the Omsk State Institute of Service and has taken part in many international competitions for young designers. For his high concept AW ’13 collection, Russian fashion student Egor Galizdra drew on the concept of the ‘Modern Nomad’. Entitling his collection ‘WE’, Galizdra explains, "I have a very optimistic view of our future. Every day I try to discover something new to better understand how the world works. This thought moves my design process. In other words, I feel that my own story is strongly connected to world history. It’s a bit philosophical, but it’s the way I feel. The result of this philosophy is a collection of menswear garments in which East meets West and the past meets the present in a visual melting pot of cultures, ideals, techniques and patterns." Undeniably unique, Galizdra gives us a glimpse at his vision of utopia – a place in which fashion is intertwined with politics, where freedom reigns and peace is finally given a chance.

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