World Of Wearableart™ Awards: Call For Entries

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7 December 2017

World Of WearableArt™ Awards: Call For Entries

The World of WearableArt, known as WOW, is a renowned international design competition in Wellington, New Zealand that attracts hundreds of entries from all over the world. Finalists compete for over $170,000 (NZD) in prize money plus incredible experiences with leading creative companies such as Sir Richard Taylor's Weta Workshop and Cirque du Soleil.

World of WearableArt and NJAL invite you to enter the internationally renowned design competition. Bring your work of art to life, on stage, for the whole world to see in 2018. For 30 years, World of WearableArt has bewitched and beguiled. Now, for this very special anniversary event, WOW is once again calling on designers, artists and creators everywhere to bring to life the worlds that live in your mind for this truly international global competition.

Adam McAlavey

The 2018 World of WearableArt Awards offer over $170,000 (NZD) in prize money including opportunities with Cirque du Soleil and Weta Workshop. Create a work of art inspired by one of the six worlds that make up the 2018 World of WearableArt Awards:

Avant-garde: Collision between art and fashion
Take us somewhere we haven’t been. A world that is experimental, radical and unorthodox. Dare to defy the boundaries of fashion and create a work that is unique and innovative, rejecting the ordinary and nurturing originality.

Rinaldy Yunardi

Aotearoa: Expressing our way of life

New Zealand has its own deep sense of place. Draw on that to celebrate who we are as peoples and what makes us proud. From our rich cultures to our landscapes, our independence to our inventions, show us New Zealand and New Zealanders as you see us.

Reflective Surfaces: Catch our eye, make us catch our breath
The joy of light brought to life. Create a work of art that adorns the body and plays with light and shine. Consider everyday items, plastics, metals, fabrics, mirrors… materials that glimmer, sparkle and glow.

Under the Microscope: Defying the limits of our vision
Take us into the world of trillions: places where populations that stagger the mind gather, thrive, compete. Enter into this unforeseen invisible universe and ignite your imagination. Show us the gorgeous or grotesque. A world that is full of creative possibilities, surreal, freaky and insanely beautiful.

Open: Explore without boundaries
Open is a world where there are no boundaries, themes or rules, giving you complete creative freedom to explore. The only limit is your imagination. Concept, construction, materials – it’s all up to you. Defy. Define. Delight.

Grace DuVal

Bizarre Bra: Hidden no longer
Bring it out, make it shine, give it new meaning, show us its potential – so that we see something we thought we knew so well in completely different lights. A wonderful opportunity to bring creativity and wit to a mainstay of modern living.

The World of WearableArt Awards is open to anyone over the age of 18, as at 28 March 2018. To enter, you must first register as a designer via

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