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15 May 2012 By Mariel Reed


NJAL has partnered with WGSN, the world’s leading online trend-analysis and research service to offer beautiful, authoritative, cutting-edge and engaging content to its designers at a highly discounted rate.

NJAL offers its designers the best possible assistance in creating and maintaining independent fashion labels. With the help of WGSN, designers will now be able to gather imperative research from a top source. Subscriptions may be purchased directly from NJAL. Each customer must be a registered, active designer on NJAL. 

Running and maintaining a fashion business requires prior knowledge of what’s to come in the industry. Branding, creative direction, and trend reports are just some of the features WGSN will offer to NJAL’s designers. These emerging designers are most in need of the support, access to information and services provided in the exclusive partnership.

WGSN x NJAL Campaign

Young designers can find it extremely challenging to be creative under financial stress when they are trying to establish themselves. Once on his or her own, a designer’s reality of independence kicks in. Designers are not prepared for the other work that takes up the majority of their time. A great designer once told me, “I spend 20% of my time designing. The rest of my time is spent doing everything else.” What many fashion aficionados may not know is that the “everything else” is what makes the brand. Without the right business intelligence and analysis, a designer is at risk of falling behind and losing their grasp on the industry. They can now maintain their grasp with WGSN.

This partnership started a year ago when NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel met WGSN Chief Operating Officer Giles Watts. They instantly connected over a shared goal to provide brands with instantaneous access and information. But Giles and Stefan were targeting different markets. Giles was already familiar with the global brands that make the most out of their subscriptions to WGSN. Stefan knew how much a designer just starting his or her own brand could benefit from using this same service.

Back in Summer 2011, a round-table discussion was organised for NJAL designers to meet WGSN’s chief executives. The designers learned that with a full subscription, they would be given 24/7 access to WGSN’s full feature including: Future design direction looking up to 24 months ahead of the season including colour and material reports, a buyer directory that lists contacts for all buyers internationally, 4.8 million images, 650,000+ pages of information/content, 22,000 Catwalk photos per season, 16,000 downloadable assets, 10,000 downloadable CADS, definitive guide to more than 105 of the world’s most fashionable cities and an international fashion calendar.

WGSN Close-up of website

Because young designers may not have access to the information super-house that is responsible for the world’s most accurate trend forecasting and design information services, NJAL will now offer a direct connection to WGSN; allowing any of the NJAL designers to purchase a subscription. Subscriptions are flexible and can be tailored to each designer’s needs. They can be purchased easily from NJAL and can be cancelled without breaking a sweat. WGSN will provide tutorials, and in-person demonstrations can be organised in order to ensure that NJAL’s emerging designers can make the most out of this exciting collaboration.

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