Our New Look

Welcome To The New NJAL

Reinvention is constant in fashion. Trends shift, seasons change, and brands are reimagined with fresh looks. That's why we couldn't be more excited to welcome everyone to the brand new NJAL.

Our reinvigorated digital platform is an encapsulation of our community and the creativity that lives within it. It's a place to explore, connect, discover, and learn—and most importantly, it's a place to call home for any and all creatives seeking to revolutionize and redefine what fashion is today. The newly imagined platform functions as the ultimate canvas, pushing forward a space where visuals shine and the heightened talent of our designers is always on display. Each section offers up exciting avenues for our community. 


Designers + Collections

Each NJAL designer creates an individual virtual showroom, where they can showcase their entire archive of creations, connect with a global audience and retail their designs from anywhere in the world. NJAL gives designers direct contact to the most renowned stylists, buyers, celebrities and press. Industry professionals can directly contact and buy from designers, cutting out the middle-men and letting designers establish their own voices and images within the industry.


From industry insider interviews and Black Sheep features to essays and original think pieces centered around fashion's latest, the NJAL editorial team aims to bring new ideas and fresh commentaries to our community each week. 

Fashion Films 

Film is a thrilling medium through which fashion comes alive. Showcasing the work of Black Sheep and beyond, we invite our community to explore the vast array of films that aim to tell deeper stories behind collections, brands, and so much more.  


Whether asking a query around manufacturing or sharing industry insight, our array of forums are set up as a digital space to connect, educate, and open up a place for discussion and connection for the 30,000 designers who make up NJAL. 


The new website aims to celebrate and cultivate the community we have built over the past 10 years. To celebrate, we spoke with a few designers to learn more about what NJAL means to them. Check out our Instagram for more designer stories and here's to the next digital chapter of NJAL—get inspired, stay connected, and keep creating.