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6 May 2011

Volutio by Anna Kleihues

The label Volutio stands for a man of modern thought and emancipation dressed in eloquent yet uncoerced suits that evolve from the established formal attire.

Volutio continues the search for an advanced form to suit today’s chevalier. I founded the label Volutio in 2007 after a medaled diploma from AMD Düsseldorf. 

The idea and passion came with the question why men are bound to suits and women have a greater freedom in formal wear. Since the three-part-suit has not changed much in the last two hundred years, although it has not lost its potency, its meaning and appearance in society have evolved. During the examination of the history of men’s attire, I decided to develop it further – to give the suit a comeback in a new form.

My first glimpse of life I caught between dogs and horses in the countryside. When I was five we moved to Berlin, where I live again now. Coming from a family of architects – always surrounded by art and design – I worked on my mother’s sewing machine when I was 13, but would have never thought of going into fashion – an artificial world of glamour and make-up. I wanted to become a scientist and studied physics in Zurich and Toulouse. During that time I realised my need for space, visuals and handcrafting, and found costume design, fashion and performing arts to be my destiny.

Anna Kleihues model wearing black coat

Anna is a fashion designer today, because…

She wants to evolve men’s attire for the next generation, since men in well-cut suits are just the most handsome to observe.

If Anna would not have become a designer…

She might weld gold, build furniture and construct sculptures.

At school/university she was…

The math brain and creative girl in school, one female out of twelve physics students at University and finally the eldest in her fashion class.

Anna’s friends think…

She is a bit crazy and in her own world, but luckily can laugh about herself.

When Anna was 17 she dreamed of being...

A great scientist on adventurous expeditions far away from cities and people.

Anna Kleihus model with black coat

She knew she would become a fashion/costume designer, when...

She realised that fashion is sculpting the body with a fluent medium that transforms its character and gives it a place in space and time.

She didn't mind getting her hands dirty

... constructing sites for fashion presentations, but would never..
Work with denim.

Anna gets really het up about...

Consumption addicts of today's society.

The defining moment in her career was...

When she found out that she really enjoyed doing what she does, and that others appreciate it.

For a day, Anna would like to be...

On the moon jumping and listening to the sound of space.

What would be Anna’s soundtrack to life?

Julian Layn “Sonis Aureus” – the part when he sings.

Anna Kleihus model

Her biggest regret was...

Having forgotten how to fly without wings – life is too short to regret.

She would describe Anna’s personality as...

Critical but curious – reserved but open.

Anna wishes the next Anna Kleihues...

To stay Anna Kleihues.

If she could live her life again...

She would dream the same dreams and live her life by them.

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