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7 May 2011 By Mariel Reed

Vogue Fashion's Night IN

As the temperature drops, we are quickly reminded of the comforts of the great indoors.

Join NOTJUSTALABEL.com on November 1st, 2010 for the launch of a new collection, exclusively for VOGUE.com's first ever, Fashion's Night In. 

NOT JUST A LABEL, the leading global business directory for showcasing avant-garde fashion designers, is revealing a new collection for VOGUE.com's Fashion's Night In. From your favorite chair, join NJAL on November 1st, as we introduce a new collection. NJAL has selected the most talented designers to showcase and sell their best pieces on the online shop, in the spirit of the ever-successful Fashion's Night Out, only from the comfort of your own home. VOGUE.com's Fashion's Night In has been heralded as the leading on-line event for the fashion industry.

It is an excellent opportunity to pull the thread, and unravel what's to come for the SS2011 season, giving shoppers the first opportunity to purchase these coveted items. The designers chosen to participate have all hand picked pieces from their latest collections. The pieces chosen will be available for purchase, for the first time at the online shop at NOTJUSTALABEL.com.

The designers selected for the collection most exemplify the Avante-Garde. The pieces they have chosen most represent their skill and tact. Each designer is so different, yet what run constant through the collections are the themes of construction, contrast and intricacy. These pieces are truly works of art. They are a combination of contradicting elements working harmoniously.

They are examples of detail and complexity. Fannie Schiavoni’s passion for handcraft and attention to detail is reflected in her pieces, which are crafted and designed by Fannie, in her studio in London. Fannie contributes to the collection a gorgeously constructed necklace adorned with fur. The use of contrasting materials makes her workmanship stand out.

Tomihiro Kono, whose style is heavily influenced by Dadaism and Surrealist art, has submitted two headpieces, which explode with intricacy. One delicate, and one raw, these headpieces could not be more different, but share epically sculptural regality. Recognised for creating highly technical and structural pieces, and her creativity for contemporary design, Georgia Hardinge has also been selected. Georgia has added to the collection, two pieces that have been infused with gothic and contemporary architecture. Her use of fabric emphasizes the importance of construction in her own collection.

David Longshaw’s workmanship does not go unnoticed in his garments for the collection. In his pieces, fabric, shape and colour are organized to create shapes that counteract the body’s natural movement.

Another designer who explores the theme of juxtaposition to the fullest extent, is Maria Francesca Pepe. The pieces she chose vary in contrasting colours, textures, shapes and materials. Each piece tells the story of combining opposites. Patrick Mohr’s use of vibrant color and shape tells this story as well, by binding the differences between masculinity and femininity. Samantha Cole provides a dress that toys with this idea -- hefty construction in delicate form. Even Rachel Freire’s heroic garments seek to expose the bravery some girls don’t get credit for.

Aoi Kotsuhiroi's work is highly regarded for its complicated assembly. The darkness of her work has been affected by the Buddhist notion of offering your enemy’s scalp, but beauty is not lost in her piece’s crude and unrefined detail. Another designer who has chosen to expose the process of construction is Una Burke. For her contribution to NJAL’s Fashion’s Night In collection, she chose three pieces, which glorify the process of fabrication, leaving every bolt and fold bare.

Romina Karamanea’s angular garments are a testament to negative space. The jacket she is selling in the collection shows that true power can be shaped. Bryce Aime’s piece is also an exemplary model of the use of negative space. The way he uses fabric brandishes the material’s capacity for creation.

Beauty and intricacy steer us in a completely new direction with jewellery designer, Katie Rowland’s collection. Her delicate use of natural materials makes her ethereal work aesthetically pleasing. Carianne Moore’s seemingly effortless leatherwork causes the eye to dance gracefully across the labyrinthine patterns of the purses she selected for the collection. Delicate, but straightforward, the hat J. Smith Esquire chose, from his Mister Smith collection defines simplicity as luxury. A pair of shoes chosen by Sophie Gittins demand attention as they emanate elegance derived from their rich colour and construction.

Julia & Ben do not leave out humility. Their piece for the collection does not shy away from simplicity, but like a renaissance painting, cannot help but express one million emotions. For the Fashion’s Night In collection, Piers Atkinson submitted a piece that fuses natural beauty with delicate assembly. His headpiece examines the simplistic aesthetic personality of a flower in nature, captures it, and decorates it accordingly.

The talent and creativity in the Fashion’s Night In collection come from unique minds that are not averse to pushing boundaries, to re-exploring the embedded and challenge old ideas. The themes of construction, contrast, and intricacy show the strength and curiosity NJAL looks for in our designers, designers who are willing to break the mould. This collection of hand-selected pieces will only be available at NOTJUSTALABEL.com.