SUSSOut 03 | Future of Fashion

What is the future of clothing in India? Will we switch to wearing clothes made from bio-materials like milk? Will we be able to throw our t-shirt in the backyard and watch it decompose? Will we stop buying clothes all together and share wardrobes like we share cars? Will we go back to our roots of fixing, mending, and recycling more often? Will technological innovation allow us to continue making clothes like we do, but with minimal resources? It’s all possible! Come explore different facets of this discussion through a brilliant film and a discussion with hustlers that are shaping the future of fashion in India.

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13th January 2019


5 pm


Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi, India


SUSS, which started in January 2018, is a community and movement to build awareness and start conversations around sustainable fashion. Gauri and Lavanya, the co-founders, who both work in the apparel industry, realized that while there are many ‘hustlers,’ - individuals and organizations - working to make fashion a force for good across in India, there isn’t any platform that connects them all.

SUSS started as a Facebook group for conscious consumers, designers, makers, curators, writers, film-makers, and others to share experiences, discover new ideas, and collaborate on projects. Their ‘Hustlers Edit’ series is a way to highlight and share the work of some of their inspirational community members and their work in this space. SUSSout is SUSS’s offline event series which is currently hosted in Delhi. Through a combination of films, talks, mixers and workshops, every SUSSout event is a unique experience for attendees to #SUSSout different facets of sustainable fashion, talk about new ideas, and explore ways to make a difference. 


5-6pm | Film Screening (‘The Next Black’) 
6-6:30pm | Panel Discussion 
6:30pm | Mixer 

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| Madhurima Singh is the founder of Dhuri. The brand combines classic fabrics, ranging from handloom to the latest bio-based fabrics like Ingeo (corn fiber), Tencel (eucalyptus fiber), soya protein fiber, bamboo fiber, and banana fiber. From eco-friendly tags, eliminating the need for dry cleaning to natural dyeing and reusing waste, Dhuri is innovating in an affordable way for the conscious consumer.

| Aman Kaushal and Payal Batra are building a 'wardrobe on cloud'. They run Lionise – a clothing rental platform for women. They believe that the sharing economy will shape the future of fashion and call themselves “a small cog in this big movement.

| Yuktie Jhangiani, inherited her love for travel from her grandparents. She is the founder of sustainable travel wear brand Kosha.  It is the only Indian brand that blends bamboo with Merino Wool to make t-shirts cum thermals. The Kosha advantage, however, is not just in their materials and affordability but also their life-long repair service and philosophy to discourage excess consumption.


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