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"If it comes in pink, I want it." - Barbie

Unless you’ve been on a seriously extreme digital detox for the past 12 months, you’ll have clocked that Mattel’s Barbie is fashion’s saccharine muse du jour and therefore the world is tapping into search, ‘Barbie inspired fashion’. Yes, a lot of style's maximalists are now dressing like the doll your 10-year-old self once shaved in a Toni&Guy-inspired frenzy. 

Barbiecore: This is not a trend that seems to be favouring any time soon; in fact, Not Just A Label is rather anti-chasing the ever-changing mood swings of what’s 'in' and what's ‘so last season’. Rather we implore you to build a wardrobe that can evolve with you as a person. In the instance of Barbie-inspired fashion, we are rather inclined to concur that this is more than a trend, it's an entire vibe that will outlast seasonality or prevailing pop culture's Pantone Color of the Year-chasing pendulum swings.


Here we debunk its recent origins and consider why Barbie might just be the kick-ass muse you can reflect in your wardrobe for years to come.


Miro MisljenMiro Misljen's Pink Tulip Dress, available to buy at Not Just A Label.



The blockbuster film titled ‘Barbie’, by feminist auteur Greta Gerwig, lights up cinema screens on 21st July 2023, but the pre-released stills of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in-line skating in neon spandex etc. have been enough to set the likes of fashion's It-girls into a candy-coloured, sartorial spin (Lizzo did Barbie-inspired fashion best via IG, by the way). That has triggered a wave of Pinterest boards, TikTok memes of 'This Barbie Is…", and an unapologetic appreciation of wearing Legally Blonde-style fits to the office. Not that anyone should be looking for permission to wear hot pink every day.


Szabo SinghSzabo Singh's Taffetta Pink Dress, available to buy at Not Just A Label



The supercharged all-pink trend was already underway due to Valentino’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccoli and his collab. with Pantone circa autumn/winter 2022. Do you recall the high-octane fuchsia pink runway and an eye-watering look-book of Barbie-ready fits, spare a few punctuations of carbon black key pieces? Jaws dropped at Paris Fashion Week when the set and entire collection for Valentino was in one key colour: look-at-me pink. While the movie was dancing around production studio C-suite desks, fashion's almighty Creative Directors had already started to dabble with monotone fuchsia in early 2022. 


Mindful PigsMindful Pigs Pink Unisex Vegan Leather Jacket, available to buy at Not Just A Label


Rewind through fashion's history books and you'll note that in 18th Century Europe rich pink garments were associated with high social status and a mark of high societal rank; largely due to the import requirements of such rich dyes from South America and Asia. Also, one must appreciate that hot pink is a much favored hue across many regions in APAC.

In this special curation, Not Just A Label has looked to the coolest contemporary designers who are embracing different shades of pink in garments that will be forever cool and elegant, and vitally crafted using sustainable and ethical production methods.


Joseph EjiroJoseph Ejiro's Baby Pink Accordion Detailed Maxi Dress available to buy at Not Just A Label


So, are you going to embrace Barbie inspired fashion and salute Mattel's heroine? Will you reach for head-to-heel hot/blush/neon pink this spring? Look to Aqua’s ‘97 pop hit for your answer, “imagination, life is your creation."

For integrity reasons NJAL would like point out that the editor writing this copy did so while wearing a Pepto Bismol-pink jumpsuit.

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