On July 22nd, Not Just A Label will launch a retail revolution. The fashion industry has long needed significant change, not just a radically new trend, but a full throttle disruption. In recent months, the global health crisis has cast a spotlight on this need.

With the shuttering of department stores and boutiques terminating wholesale, the cancellation of fashion weeks, even a designer’s ability to safely work alongside their design teams, the entire landscape has been severely impacted. The loss of access to resources and revenue has forced many emerging designers to question whether or not their businesses can survive. In a capital-driven industry, when there is will without way, ideas often cannot afford to see life beyond the sketchbook.

The fashion industry needs a fresh strategy to survive, a strategy that will save the hand-made manufacturing found within the collections of independent designers, to save the consumer’s pocketbook, to save the health of our planet, and to save fashion.

NJAL is in a unique position to lead the way forward, to offer the creative solution that will protect this future. As the largest global network of emerging designers - self-manufacturing designers independent of overblown supply chains - we have access to 4 million styles designed by over 40,000 contemporary designers. Since NJAL launched in 2008, we have created a community with the self-mobilizing potential to sell merchandise exceeding a gross merchandise value of $1 billion. Our talented community is the proof that great fashion exists outside of the machine of mass-produced fast-fashion. 

Imagine if this community of 40,000 plus talented designers combined their followings and marketed each other. Imagine if unique, individually-crafted designs could directly reach consumers without the help of overhead from heritage brands, a middleman providing showrooms, trade shows and fashion weeks. This will be the retail revolution that NJAL will launch on July 22nd.

“Allowing our pool of designers to sell direct to the consumer is the future to fashion design, to commerce, to trade shows, to fashion weeks, to unsustainable practices,” Stefan Siegel, Founder and CEO of NJAL said. “NJAL is the future of fashion.”

With technical support from the Singapore-based Techsembly, The NJAL retail revolution will do away with the middlemen and facilitate a capital-light and highly profitable sales channel for a generation of emerging designers who have been impacted by the downfall of the brick-and-mortar retail sector. “With a pivot from B2B to a B2C, NJAL will revolutionize the global fashion industry as we know it,” said Amy Read, Co-Founder and CEO of Techsemby. 

On July 22nd, we will launch an innovative platform that will unite talented designers from around the world with consumers who want to know that what they wear is sustainably and ethically manufactured, and delivered with direct transparency from the designer.

The future of fashion will have an updated look, an improved way of doing business, a more sustainable way to shop, and an easier way to make industry connections. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. Mark your calendars for a revolutionary shopping experience to launch July 22nd!

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