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6 May 2011

Pixie Geldof

Kay Desmond’s strong focus on individuality and confidence in her design has not gone unnoticed by Pixie Geldof, someone whose personal touch is the very essence of her celebrity image.

Pixie Geldof is one of those girls who always manage to steal the limelight and thrive in public attention, simply by being her very own self and doing things the way she wants to. Being the daughter of music legend Bob Geldof of course works as a good springboard into the It-girl’s world of celebrity friendships and unlimited tabloid coverage. But 19-year old Pixie chooses to stand out as more than just “her father’s daughter”, showing a quirky and original sense of fashion and modelling only for those representing her style – Vivienne Westwood being the favourite.

Pixie Geldof purple eyeshadow

Kay Desmond graduated from the University of Westminster in June 2008, and went straight to work on setting up her own fashion label. Influenced by design icons such as Miuccia Prada, Coco Chanel, Alberta Ferretti and Phoebe Philo, she wants to create a strong womenswear brand that encapsulates the essence of femininity with a modern edge. Her greatest inspirations have to come from sumptuous fabrics and textures. Her designs are always a contrast between strong, structural tailoring versus the fragility and almost romantic feel of the fabrics used.

A key factor in her designs is the psychology of the wearer. Kay wants you to put on one of her garments and feel beautiful and naturally confident with your femininity. She sees her clothes as pieces that can be interpreted individually by each woman. This is exactly what attracted Pixie Geldof, with her unquestionably individual style, to wear one of the key items from her graduate collection.

 Pixie Geldof wearing sunglasses and headphones

The bolero comes from a collection inspired by the 18th century, French High society and the palace of Versailles, and the decadence and grandeur of Mary Antoinette’s time is perfectly translated into every little part of the design. The bolero is beautifully detailed, with fringes and frayed fabric layered on top of each other in icy, pastel-blue colours.

Individuality is one of NJAL’s core values; it is what makes fashion and design interesting. That is why design like Kay’s – worn by people like Pixie – continues to make headlines.

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