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6 May 2011

Paris Hilton

For a designer, nothing means better PR than having an A-list celebrity wear their items on the red carpet, dancing on the bar of an LA nightclub or being chased down the street by the paparazzi.

No celebrity does more of all those things than Paris Hilton. You can love or hate her, but when Paris Hilton is seen wearing her Gretchen Actress Clutch, the positive effect for the designer is inevitable. 

We doubt you can have avoided the tabloid phenomenon that is Paris Hilton, but if you for some strange reason still have doubts about what she does, here are a few of her accomplishments: The 28-year old is a famous socialite, heiress, TV star, model, singer, author, fashion designer and actress. She started off her career in the spotlight by setting the standard for young socialites along with her sister Nicky, something that helped spark the noughties’s craze for young and beautiful heiresses with a lot of money and even more publicity value.

She is perhaps most famous for the reality TV-show The Simple Life, in which she and Nicole Richie travelled to the outback of the American countryside trying to adjust to a life outside expensive hotel suites in LA with variable success. Paris has also made guest appearances in a number of other TV shows and Hollywood films, and has recorded her own album (an arguably well-made, but as always, a profitable one).

PARIS HILTON purple deep v jumpsuit

In the world of fashion, Paris enjoys the same incomparable star-value and has the power to make just about any trend she likes a worldwide success. Despite the media’s portrayal of her as a trashy party-princess, her choice of attire never fails to make headlines, thus making her something of a goldmine for up-and-coming designers whose designs catches her eye.

German designer Anne Hofmann was born in 1981 into a family business of leather goods. She grew up surrounded by the leather accessories of the family production, and throughout her school and university education (in business, not fashion) she has worked in leather goods. From selling handbags in a store in France, to visiting tanneries in Scandinavia, New Zealand, the UK; from presenting the collection at trade shows in Milan, and working as a designer to selling to professional accounts in London and Madrid, Anne has taken in all aspects of the business.

“I never wanted to study fashion… sure you can learn techniques about how to develop a collection… but you can’t ‘learn’ creativity. Either you have it, or you don’t,” Anne says. Her creativity is put to life in her handbag line Gretchen, which she launched after graduating university.

“Whilst for a glove, the shape is predetermined and the design is all about the details, in my handbag creations, I wanted to focus on different shapes and experiment with forms.” A pure and precise cut in combination with a distinct and sculpture-like aesthetics would become the result.

Paris Hilton discovered the upcoming German label after shopping in LA’s department store Barneys and New York’s Searle. She fell in love with the Gretchen Actress Clutch, and the relationship has endured for more than one evening. Paris has been seen wearing her Actress Clutch at the Cannes Film Festival and at the David Letterman Show to mention a few occasions.

PARIS HILTON sunglasses blue sundress

The Actress Clutch is a half-moon-shaped handbag in shiny Italian patent leather, with elaborate all-over stitching for a sleek surface structure. Completely closed with a zipper, it has a shape designed to hold everything a young woman might need on a night out but with the elegance of the classic, handheld evening bag.

As the designer herself says: “The clutch can be styled feminine or with a rock-chic edge, this cool textured Actress Clutch will add the ultimate edge to any of your evening outfits! The purist and timeless half-moon shape is a design investment piece that will pay off a million times. We promise you’ll never let go of your Actress again – it has already won over Paris Hiltons’ style heart and stayed with her longer than her most boyfriends…”

For a girl who has the resources to wear a new designer it-bag every day, Paris’ love for the Gretchen Actress Clutch is nothing but complimentary for designer Anne Hofmann.

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