Njal's First Ever Pop-up Store

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7 May 2011

NJAL's First Ever Pop-up Store

After four successful months of the online shop, NJAL is bringing unique avant-garde design directly to the public with the launch of our first-ever Pop-Up Store on October 23-24.

NJAL, the leading global business directory for showcasing avant-garde fashion designers, is unleashing its online array of unique designs in the form of a Pop-Up Store, bringing the collection and consumer even closer together.

During an exclusive, two-day only event in Notting Hill, professionals and creators will have the chance to meet and mingle in a fresh and inspiring surrounding.

The online shop has been providing access to rare fashion pieces from a wide selection of fashion brands for four months now. Each month is hosted by a fashion personality; Robin Schulié, Diane Pernet and Amanda Lepore all happily lent their names to The shop.

NOT JUST A LABEL - First Pop up Store

Most recently the latest sell out collection was chosen by supermodel Lara Stone, W Magazine’s current “most wanted face of the moment”, winning the attention and acclaim of global fashion media.

The location has become a favourite amongst the London fashion set, being renowned for its glamour. Beach Blanket Babylon occupies a prominent position in an old Georgian Mansion in the heart of Notting Hill.

Famous for its unique interior design blending Boho Chic, French Country Style and Rococo; it is known the world over as a by-word for lavish luxury.

Lara Stone’s uniquely selected collection will be available in the store, alongside a wide range of our most inspiring young designers’ work. The pop-up store will benefit NJAL’s most promising designers with crucial exposure in new markets.

Furthermore, the event will help raise awareness of young and upcoming fashion, but also promote the idea of sustainable fashion.