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NJAL's Berlin Takeover: Day Two's Visual Vortex

NOT JUST A LABEL recaps the second day of its debut multi-sensory exhibition hub spanning fashion, art, design and new media in Berlin made possible by innovative online retailer Zalando. NJAL has taken over an iconic department store built in 1904 in Mitte with a strong creative legacy to showcase the best of contemporary creativity in the German capital. Day Two was a smart intermix of engaging talks exploring the dance of technology within fashion and its influence in culture by Google’s Jeremy Abbet to more speculative forays into visual culture at large in multi-faceted panel discussions.

Day Two at Zalando Fashion House opened with intrigue and interactivity, with a compelling panel discussion to anchor the day’s proceedings. NJAL sat down with a diverse panel of industry impresarios to offer up visitors a broad conception of the fashion film in a commercial context. Niccolò Montanari (Berlin Fashion Film Festival), Anita Krizanovic (Freelance Fashion Editor, Kaltblut Magazine) , Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn (Creative Director & Head of Interaction at VCCP) and Anna Cotè (Senior Art Director, VCCP) joined NJAL’s Kam Dhillon in a conversation to unpack the distinct relationships between fashion designers and filmmakers and question who ‘owns’ the vision for a fashion film. With a panel made up of such diverse voices across multiple industries, it was an inquisitive examination punctuated by different opinions and views on the evolution of fashion film. 

Zolando’s Julia Kimmel followed up with a compelling investigations of trends disseminating online, and activated the audience to question where we go from here. The highlight of the second day’s proceedings was most definitely delivered by Google’s Jeremy Abbet who talked to a packed house of attentive eyes and ears on the dance of technology within fashion and its influence in culture. Abbet applied an historical lens at technology’s influence in fashion, and looked towards fashion’s form and function in the future, before being bombarded with question after question.