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7 May 2011 By Hanne Christiansen

The NJAL Pop-up Store

The most exclusive of fashion and the most elegant people were gathered in one amazing venue. NOT JUST A LABEL’s first ever pop-up store was nothing less than an instant success.

The NJAL team arrived the day before the big launch, with rails of designer clothes and boxes full of jewellery and shoes to be displayed against a backdrop of incredible baroque interior. We spent a long evening prepping and styling the room, with invaluable help from our great friends at Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill. 

With everything ready by Friday morning we prepared to open our doors to the public, but half an hour before schedule, excited guests were already beginning to arrive. From there, the guests kept arriving until the last minute on Saturday afternoon. Friday evening, we offered press and invited guests an exclusive shopping event with drinks from BBB’s bar. The Ballroom was packed to the edges, but the atmosphere was sophisticated and some of our guests found the time and peace to take some of our most sought-after pieces home.

From the true fashionistas to passers-by enjoying a sunny day in Notting Hill, everyone who made their way up to the Ballroom on the second floor of Beach Blanket Babylon was met by a true, fashion fairy tale. The Ballroom’s old baroque furniture and rococo interior was draped in the edgiest statement jewellery, with Koji Horigmoe’s avant-garde shoes priding the shelves of a Victorian fireplace, and of course NJAL’s exclusive selection of the best designer pieces lining rails and mannequins around the room.

The NJAL pop-up store

The opulent surroundings of our fabulous location only helped to compliment our exclusive selection of one-off, designer pieces. Many of the items that have been handpicked by the website’s fashionable hosts were given new owners, and some pieces especially stood out.

Gemma Slack’s gold-studded leather jacket and dress specially designed for NJAL, Gadofka’s layered corset dress bursting with bright colours inspired by her native Ethiopia, Sara Ferrari’s unique wood and plexiglass generation bracelet ButterFlySoulFire’s laid-back unisex cotton sweatshirts with leather-detailed sleeves and Imogen Belfield’s chunky gold and silver rings are some of the favourites that enjoyed a lot of attention from London’s most stylish crowd.

With the amount of satisfied shoppers and positive feedback we got over the two days, it was with heavy hearts that we packed down the shop on Saturday afternoon. But the immediate success of our first-ever pop-up store has ensured the coming of many more NJAL shops, and we are already planning our next location.

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by!