NJAL Meets d3

NJAL Meets d3

NOT JUST A LABEL is set to launch an immersive, fashion hub at Dubai Design District's specially commissioned launch event titled 'Meet d3'. In celebration of Dubai’s rich array of creative talent, the event is curated to feature a compelling mix of local, regional and global designers, artists, musicians, concept retailers and unique dining experiences. Find out more about NJAL's purpose-built exhibition space, and Dubai’s mission to become the Middle East's centre for creativity.

Dubai is home to opulence in dizzying quantity–it boasts the world’s tallest tower, massive man-made islands in the shape of palm trees and a fleet of police cars that includes a Ferrari, a Lamborghini as well as a $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron.

It’s also the second-most important destination for global retailers–where more than half of all major international retailers have outposts in Dubai, and more than a third of all luxury spending happens here. Yet the metropolis of the Middle East doesn’t just want to consume fashion, it’s also gunning to cultivate creativity and establish itself as a hub to attract both global and regional design talent.

Dubai’s mission to become a centre for creativity is no longer a pipedream, with the Dubai Design District set to open very soon. Known as d3—it’s a new neighbourhood being built entirely from scratch, in the shadows of Downtown Dubai. It will be a mix of commercial spaces, brand flagships, small boutiques with galleries, workshops and studios, but more importantly, a vehicle to enable and catalyse creativity in the Middle East.

To mark it’s looming launch, NOT JUST A LABEL has closely collaborated with Dubai Design District (d3) to launch a pre-cursor event titled ‘Meet D3’ from 2nd to 4th April 2015. As the world’s foremost digital shop window for contemporary luxury fashion, encompassing over 18,000 emerging designers–the event will be NJAL’s physical debut in Dubai. It will include an immersive experience pavilion, that will take over 800 square metres, and extend access to a curated selection of truly unique, original and even bespoke items from 200 designers from over 50 countries.

Over this landmark three-day community event, the Middle East’s fashion-forward tastemakers will be invited to NJAL at D3 and experience this highly anticipated fashion sensorium. Housed within a purpose-built exhibition space, defined by its innovative design techniques, it's an oppourunity for NJAL to showcase the stunning breadth of its international design talent to the Middle East and beyond.

NJAL at D3 will also exhibit a specially designed programme of dynamic events including exclusive film screenings from pioneering talents across fashion and art, as well as workshops seminars with the likes of trend-forecasting superstar Li Edelkoort, and artist extraordinaire Mr Brainwash as well as live performances from the likes of Yara Bravo, Bradley Zero and Dub FX.

A mission to revitalise the fashion system will manifest in a special installation commissioned by NJAL to spotlight local design talent. Bint Thani, a Dubai-based designer has collaborated with Inter | Act to produce the first ever 3D printed dress to be made in Dubai. A profound grasp for tailoring, and contemporary technology, laced with an eclectic range of influences will challenge the boundaries of art and fashion and define this experimental project with a highly contemporary sensibility.

Alongside the three-day event embodying the convergence and co-collaboration around art, design, fashion and entertainment, shoppers will be able to choose from the coveted collections of the world’s brightest fashion talents, with expertly curated items spanning womenswear, menswear, accessories and jewellery—all available exclusively within NJAL’s fashion hub at D3.

Beyond NJAL’s dedicated exhibition space, ‘Meet D3’ will feature a compelling mix of local, regional, and international designers, artists, musicians, concept retailers and unique dining experiences—to establish a creative current in the burgeoning metropolis that is Dubai.

Stefan Siegel, founder of NJAL said: “NOT JUST A LABEL gives a voice to new and emerging designers by presenting their collections to the world. NJAL at D3 will invite the Middle East to discover authentic, international designers who are true to their roots in fashion artistry and have a story to tell with each collection and design.”