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  • Model wearing Veronica B. Vallenes
  • Model wearing Veronica B. Vallenes
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11 May 2011 By Mariel Reed

NJAL Launches New Site

After three years spent at the forefront of digital fashion, NOT JUST A LABEL, the leading global resource for discovering and supporting pioneers in contemporary design, announces the re-launch of their boundary pushing site.

In 2008, NOTJUSTALABEL.com first made headlines as a progressive new web-resource for emerging fashion designers. After a year of planning, building and extensive research, four minds came together to create a concept unknown to the fashion world. Stefan and Daniel Siegel, and their team had discovered where the industry was lacking. Before NOT JUST A LABEL’s creation, young designers had no medium to promote their collections without paying high fees for dubious service. By providing these fresh creatives with a free-of-charge platform to showcase and promote their collections, NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) has connected new designers with the rest of the fashion community, consumers and aficionados. To celebrate three years, successfully guiding designers still wet behind the ears, we have upped the ante.

The NJAL site will now operate on the same principals: discovering the talents of tomorrow while nurturing the emerging stars of today - but in a completely new and state-of-the-art manner. By providing designers with even more opportunities to be showcased, and viewers with easier access to our designers’ latest collections, the new site offers an enhanced platform with exciting capabilities to promote avant-garde fashion.

We have conquered the sea of unknown talent and wish to bring to our ever-expanding community a plethora of undiscovered treasure. In doing so, we have successfully spearheaded the industry’s search for raw talent and creativity in a stale market. To cement our position at the summit of a demanding industry, we have designed a new, cutting-edge website, providing a more intimate and up-to-date resource for designers, industry professionals and shoppers.NOT JUST A LABEL factory and logo

Launched in 2008 as an eclectic start-up in East London, we at NJAL view the upcoming transformation as a way to celebrate our third birthday and the transition to a mature company — a leading fashion incubator. To keep ahead of the times, the site offers new features that make navigation simple and bring more focus to showcasing designers from an ever-growing database (over 6,000 designers from 88 countries).

From the beginning, our team has been dedicated to advancing the careers of new designers. Damir Doma and Mary Katrantzou were two of the first to ever sign up with NJAL. We have watched them grow and flourish as two of the most sought-after labels in fashion today. After an interview with <a data-cke-saved-href="/veronicabvallenes" href="/veronicabvallenes" target"_blank="">Veronica B. Vallenes, we have seen her blossom as one of Denmark’s most coveted. Ara Jo, Patrick Mohr and Gemma Slack are just a few of the amazing designers who have used NJAL to its full potential and have benefited from its utilities.

For press and media, our new site offers an improved designer directory, which allows accelerated access to the most exciting new talents, tailored to the industry’s demands. A section showcasing the newest collections offers a real-time avenue for finding new talent instantaneously, and an enhanced editorial section brings more focus to fashion journalism; honing in on topics not covered by mainstream media.

NOT JUST A LABEL logo and model

For designers, the new site offers more exposure opportunities and an improved retail function to finance their progression independently. It also provides a fresh platform to promote and publicise independent design with increased functionality. For shoppers, the site has elevated its retail platform to a new level, with access to the world’s most fashion-forward designs. Coinciding with the launch, exclusive collaborations with London-based designers including Katie Eary, The Rodnik Band, Fannie Schiavoni and Aoi Kotsuhiroi will complete the transformation.

NJAL is a necessary tool for fashion design, which provides indispensable networking. The new site will push undiscovered talent forth with ease. We hope the ameliorated website will further enhance what NJAL has already contributed.

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