City Guide

The NJAL Guide to L.A.

Los Angeles is certainly having a moment. The city is a compendium of cool, with a growing number of designers, artists and creatives flocking to live, work and showcase there. Whether or not L.A. will redefine the global fashion axis remains to be seen, but NJAL urges you to expand your horizons and enjoy a locals guide to the city of endlessly jam-packed freeways (and angels) by NJAL's community of design talent. With so many diverse neighbourhoods, Los Angeles is a culturally complex city to navigate, so read through some top tips from NJAL’s very own Angelenos.

Los Angeles is one of the most misunderstood cities in the world, stained by vapid stereotypes and stark dichotomies of glitz and glamour, a superficial style, and the environmental riches of glittering beaches, alpine forests, and #raw #vegan #everything. Yet somehow, L.A. has managed to endure the years of slurrs and gross minconceptions, and now it seems the city is enjoying a well-earned moment under the world's cultural spotlight. As NJAL collaborates with LA City to take on the city’s flourishing fashion scene and strategise its future, it's an apt moment to hand it over to NJAL’s own design talent. NJAL's Angelenos round up their highlights of one the most exciting cities in the world, so you know what's good in the 'hood...