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28 August 2012

Minna Palmqvist

With a Master of Fine Arts in Textile from Kontfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Finnish born Minna Palmqvist started her self-entitled brand Minna Palmqvist in 2009 in Stockholm.

In 2011 she was nominated for the Swedish Mercedes Benz Young Fashion Industry Awards and since then her career, as a designer is only getting better. Rather than working related to the traditional fashion seasons, Minna works by a long term design concept called Intimately Social.

The project is in constant change, transformation and development. Intimately Social started as a master project in 2007, and emerged from Minna Palmqvist’s obsession with the female body; the way we look at it, the way we think we can master it and what features we struggle to hide. By taking the socially accepted body from the world of fashion, and letting them collide and mix with our most intimate body secrets, a design method was born and has since been worked on from different angles. Apart from atelier made garments and ready-to-wear collections, the concept also contains art installations and films.

Nothing inspires me like...

Contradictions in general, and the pressure upon the female body in particular. Playing with the perfection of the fashion world colliding with the harsh reality gets my mind going. My last collection is inspired by an art installation I did, where I photographed a female torso made from 23kg of butter slowly melting and deforming – a straightforward celebration of the constant change of the body.

I hope...

To be able to continue building my brand into a fashion house with a strong design identity. Most of all I hope to soon find a way to include more people into my work, such as a production assistant and a pattern maker. Doing everything myself takes too much time.

Cultural influences...

Is something I don’t consciously think about in my work, but I am very aware that you can see that my brand is Scandinavian. I am very clear with my body conscious work and how it relates to the female body in a western society today. It seems everything is supposed to be so free and equal, and it isn’t really.

I got to where I am...

By working hard and allowing my progress to take time. I am not interested in short time hypes, but am aiming to build a long lasting concept and expression with a value that does not diminish by time.

Minna Palmqvist grey draped dress

Fashion can sometimes...

Make me euphoric, and sometimes really get me down. My love-hate relationship to the discipline has to do with all different levels on which fashion can be created and understood. This ambivalence is one of my biggest driving forces.

I sense...

A positive vibe in Stockholm, where more and more of my colleagues start working together for better environmental friendly working methods, materials and less waste. Together we can make a change!

Minna Palmqvist pink balloon installation

Money makes...

People lose grip of reality. How come neither the average consumer nor producers stop to ask themselves who’s paying for us to buy jeans for 15€? We need to start talking about causality and responsibility.

I dance like...

There is no tomorrow, especially to some heavy bass. There is nothing as liberating and positive as just dancing like crazy.

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