Mexico University Ibero Americana

Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO), in its Mexico-City campus, is acknowledged as one of Mexico’s top private educational institutions, widely known both in Mexico and abroad for the high quality of its study programs.

IBERO's underlying aim is to safeguard, disseminate and improve higher education by training the professionals, teachers, researchers and technicians our society needs. 

Underpinned by the Jesuit educational tradition, which has flourished worldwide for close to five centuries, our institution blends science and humanism in all its academic endeavors.

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Bachelor of Fashion Design
Master of Art Studies

Tuition and Scholarship Information

The Ibero strives to open its doors to students who can work effectively for the common good of our country, facilitating the possibilities of study, even if do not have sufficient financial resources. The IBERO contemplates two forms of support: Scholarship and Education Funding, to find more out click here. For information on tuition fees click here.

Life in Mexico City

Living, studying and working in Mexico offers an immersion experience incomparable with any other Spanish training program in the United States.

Mexico City is one of the oldest, largest and most cultural cities on earth. At 7,200 feet, Mexico City is blessed with one of the world’s best climates. Its government boasts that it has more museums than any other city on earth. With a young democracy, a bustling economy and an emerging ecological movement, Mexico City is a leading city in Latin America and positioned to be a global hub. It provides an extremely international, cosmopolitan backdrop for studying International Counseling.

What Ibero has to offer (in Spanish)